translate.js is a jQuery plugin to translate text in the client side.

Download translate.js v0.9.1

Usage: translate entire page

Step 1: include JQuery and translate.js in your page

<script src="jquery.js"/>
<script src="jquery.translate.js"/>

Step 2: every text you want translated include the trn class

<span class="trn">text to translate</span>

Step 3: create your dictionary

var dict = {
  "Home": {
    pt: "InĂ­cio"
  "Download plugin": {
    pt: "Descarregar plugin",
    en: "Download plugin"

Step 4: initialize the plugin and translate the entire page body

var translator = $('body').translate({lang: "en", t: dict}); //use English

Step 5: change to another language

translator.lang("pt"); //change to Portuguese

Step 6: try it

translate to English translate to Portuguese

Usage: translate a string

After you initialize the component you can translate a string

var translation = translator.get("Home"); //returns "InĂ­cio"